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S2S silver jewelry

S2S - Exclusive biker jewelry for men and women

Design out of passion. Lifestyle instead of trend.

Siblings Lidija Cepernic and Mladen Bakula turned their love of the rock 'n' roller and biker lifestyle and design into a career and founded their own jewelry label, SILVER2SILVER/STEEL2SILVER, in 1995.

The high-quality biker jewelry & silver jewelry for men and women is the combination of exclusivity and free spirit, of cool luxury and rock 'n' roll.

Stay rebel, stay real: the German brand's rocking lifestyle is not a trend, but a way of life.

SILVER2SILVER/STEEL2SILVER stands for business with passion. Strong in character, authentic and independent. True to the motto: True Rebel never dies - the true spirit of rebellion never dies. Striking pieces of jewelry with a rebellious touch therefore characterize the varied range. One of the recurring motifs is the skull, a striking symbol that adds a stylistic punch to the designs. But jewelry with lilies, crosses, lions, stars, anchors or roses can also be found in the multifaceted range. S2S - SILVER2SILVER Collections that stand for strength, fighting spirit, friendship and love, loyalty and solidarity. High-quality, selected gemstones complete the expressive accessories.

Express yourself and rock your style: sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings Jewelry is made to be worn. It expresses your personality, is a mirror to the outside world and celebrates your lifestyle. If you wear biker jewelry and accessories from SILVER2SILVER/STEEL2SILVER, you don't want to hide.

The motto is: Loud and proud! The silver jewelry for women and men is a statement - because we can be loud when we are dead. Whether massive men's rings, rocking women's rings, necklaces and earrings with cross pendants or lilies and anchors as a symbol of longing, strength and fighting spirit - with the jewelry from SILVER2SILVER/STEEL2SILVER you can carry your personal message into the world. Your jewels, your rules!


At S2S you will find, among other things:

Men's silver jewelry
Women's silver jewelry
Skull jewelry
Skull rings
Biker jewelry
Stone bracelets

Quality first: Individual design and excellent workmanship

With S2S - SILVER2SILVER quality comes first, because the high-quality silver jewelry becomes a long-lasting companion, a stylish companion on your adventures. Each piece is designed and manufactured 100 % in-house with an eye and love for detail - depending on the effort involved, this can take several weeks or even months.

The inspiration for the designs comes from all over the world and from 20 years of a busy life on the road - because the label has fans all over the world thanks to Harley Davidson events, festivals, trade fairs and a global presence in the motorcycle and music scene.

But it doesn't matter whether you've been with us for many years or are a new customer:

With S2S are all treated equally. Since October 2020, customers have also been able to purchase the unique accessories in the stores in Böblingen near Stuttgart and Velden am Wörthersee in Austria buy. All Rebel Spirits and jewelry lovers can immerse themselves even more in the cosmos of the brand and experience the expertise of the makers live.

The SILVER2SILVER message is being passed on:
True Rebel never dies!